Andy Blanch for Governor

Andy Blanch for Governor

Let’s take California back.

My Background

I work for a living and live paycheck-to-paycheck just like the majority of the people. Growing up near downtown Los Angeles, I earned my lunch money as a shoeshine boy at the age of nine. I also sold maps that led to the homes of the movie stars on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

All my life, I have worked hard for the things I want and to provide for my family. Hard work is a value that is near to my heart and is seemingly lost in today’s world. I am a former United States Marine and also served in the Army’s National Guard. Aside from my stint in the military, I served as a Los Angeles police officer.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States, respecting and following it with all my heart. A pro-life advocate, I am running for governor as an independent conservative.

While I have no political experience just like our president, I do have the common sense necessary to address the critical issues affecting California. I invite everyone to view my campaign platform and follow “Andy Blanch for Governor” on Facebook.

A Governor by the People for the People

Having been to several rallies, I have stood with others that want our constitutional rights protected. I’ve even been to the protests in Berkeley. As the next governor, I will continue to stand with the people in as many rallies as I can. Whether you are friend or foe, I will stand with you, especially if your constitutional rights are being violated.

Standing for law and order, I believe that no one has the right to damage property or, more importantly, injure another person. I will ensure the safety of everyone who wants to express their constitutional rights.

Make California Great

As for my political affiliation, I want to make it clear that I stand with the president of the United States and will support him 100%. President Trump wants to make America Great Again. We need to help him achieve this goal by making California GREAT, one city at a time. Let’s set the example for the rest of the country.